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Since its inception, SCON has organized a wide spectrum of activities including scientific talks, environmental awareness & community services. They include:

Prof. N. Raghuram gave a lecture on the ‘Indian Nitrogen Assessment. Nitrogen’ at the World Environment Day Dialogue Session on Reactive Nitrogen: Joining up for a Cleaner Environment, which was organized on 4 June 2018 at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi

An oral presentation was given by Prof. N. Raghuram on ‘Nutrient pollution, agriculture and biodiversity’ at the Rio Pavilion, UN Biodiversity Conference and CBDCOP14 on 25th  November 2018, at Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

The United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) adopted a resolution piloted by SCON India on sustainable nitrogen management (Nitrogen Resolution) at the fourth session of UNEA which was held in Nairobi from 11 to 15 March 2019 on 'Innovative Solutions for Environmental Challenges and Sustainable Production and Consumption’.

Prof. Raghuram gave a briefing on the Nitrogen Resolution at OE-CPR ahead of 4th UN Environment Assembly, 4-8 Mar, Nairobi, Kenya

An oral presentation was given on GPNM South Asia by Prof. N. Raghuram  at the 9th Meeting of the Steering Committee, UNEP Global Partnership on Nutrient Management (GPNM), 24-26 April, The Hague, The Netherlands.

Prof. N. Raghuram presented on the ‘Indian Nitrogen Assessment 2017: Emerging Messages’ at the TFRN Special Workshop on Agriculture & International Engagement, 2nd June, Palais des Nations, UN, Geneva

A talk titled ‘From Indian to South Asian Nitrogen Assessment’ was given by Prof. N. Raghuram at the South Asia Regional Meeting of the International Nitrogen Management System (INMS), SACEP, which was organized from 12-14 September 2017 at Male’, Maldives.

International Workshop on Reactive Nitrogen Assessment in South Asia (2016).

Workshop on Reactive N Assessment in India (2015).

Workshop on Phosphorus Cycle-Sustainable Management of Resources, Food Security and Management (2013).

National Workshop on Simulating Nitrogen Dynamics in Major River Basins of India (2013).

Workshop on Backward Integration of Reactive Nitrogen (2012).

N2010 International Nitrogen Workshop, Hotel Ashok, New Delhi (2010).

National Meeting on Biotechnology Options for N Use Efficiency (2006).

National Workshop on Nitrogen in Environment, Industry and Agriculture (2006).

National Workshop on Policy Options for Efficient Nitrogen Use (2005).

National Workshop on Management of Urban Solid Waste (2000).

Children’s poster competitions, public lectures and discussions under the National Environment awareness campaign.


The SCON also undertakes the following activities from time to time on need basis:


Awareness programmes for national and international policy makers.

Regional workshops on issues related to environment and agriculture.

Field projects on agriculture and environment.

Pioneering initiatives

The SCON has been a launch-pad for the following pioneering initiatives in India and South Asia.

With the help of UNEP, INI and ING-SCON, SANC held a South Asian workshop on Reactive Nitrogen in 2010 to galvanize the South Asian partners for regional N assessment and nutrient management.

The SCON facilitated the participation of SANC and ING in the first meeting of the UNEP Global Partnership for Nutrient Management (GPNM) held at Hague in 2009, and continues to play an active role in its activities.

South Asian Nitrogen Center (SANC): The SCON persuaded the INI to establish a separate regional center in South Asia for coordinating its activities among the South Asian countries. When INI decided to set it up in New Delhi, SCON naturally became its partner of choice in the region. Thus, SCON established a South Asian Nitrogen Centre (SANC) in New Delhi in 2008.

Indian Nitrogen Group (ING): Reactive nitrogen dominated the attention of SCON throughout this decade, mainly due to our early realization of its importance. The need to synergies the scientific community around reactive N led SCON to establish the Indian Nitrogen Group (ING) during the INSA workshop of 2006. Through ING, SCON not only brought reactive N to the forefront of discussions in all the relevant ministries of the Indian government, planning commission, academia and industry, but also became the sole Indian representative in many international fora including the International Nitrogen Initiative (INI).

Road ahead

The SCON strives to identify meaningful strategies and workable action plan aimed at bringing necessary industrial and agricultural production patterns; utility services and consumer behavior and the life styles of people keeping in view our social and developmental priorities. It plans to contribute primarily by serving as an intellectual force that provides a compelling logic for sustainable development. The following activities will be undertaken on a regular basis.


Foundation Day Celebration


Annual Convention


National Workshop on Environment and Agriculture


Publication of a Journal on Environment and Agriculture


Award and Fellowship to Encourage Scientists and Students


School Programmes to Interact with Students and Teachers


Awareness Programmes for National and International Policy Makers


Research Projects on Agriculture and Environment

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